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Decentralized Terminal Services are ONLINE.

The ⋮⋮⋮ Story Short

What you are about to Discover is the very first, 100% decentralized Operating System.

The best of it all? It has been implemented by Wizards🧙🧙‍♀️ (..) oh yes (...)🧙🧙‍♀️ are Real (....)
was designed with the end-user in mind. It aims to allow for user experience resembling the one known from DOS, LINUX, Windows and Mac OS X centralized operating systems. We have borrowed from all of these.

Yes, boards a Graphical User Interface. Which is also 100% decentralized. How can a UI be decentralized? Once user connects to a node, it would deliver what we call a Bootloader, which encapsulates IP addresses of other nodes discovered through Kademlia. The Bootloader would then keep fetching assets (code, images,JavaScript modules, whatever) from possibly multiple peers at once, even for a single UI session, while verifying integrity of these. The system, especially the UI is in alpha stage, even still, it already boards quite a few useful UI dApps (decentralized applications). These allow for anonymous web-browsing, file sharing, drag&drop file uploads from native OS, communication, collaboration, end-to-end encrypted group audio / video streaming, multi-party conferencing where you share you screen(s) or particular window(s) from your native operating system, value transfers (both on-the-chain and off-the-chain) and gaming (feeling like looking for some Gold? Launch GridCraft, grab a metal detector and be on your way! It's a game but under the hood it employs some cutting-edge achievements in cryptography to allow for rewards for such miniscule activities as finding stuff within a game).. or you might want to play Snake (also multiplayer!) through the decentralized SSH Terminal Services.. yes.. each node operating the decentralized state-machine is capable of spawning a Shell for you.

Most commands are compatible with Unix/Linux and to some extent, with DOS. Decentralized File System supporting Access Control Lists (ACLs) through
commands? Sure! Many in-terminal commands come with built-in MAN-pages. Maybe you are feeling like deploying a decentralized web-site of your own? Editing it straight within the UI? Be our guest! Maybe you would like to deploy a NFT, by dragging and dropping a file from you computer and setting ownership through
? It's all possible.

As for communication note that we were the first to come up with a data-exchange protocol provably Sybil-proof in any kind of computer networks. All of the communicaiton sub-system employ these research findings. If you use collaboration, communicaiton UI dApps on , data does not flow throuh any server. No server is involed even during the WebRTC connection establishment phase. It's all decentralized. Definitely feel invited to check out some of our research papers. The only trusted thing from your perspective is your mobile device. Once you install the app (available for both iOS and Android), Hexi (our in-system AI) would guide you through setting up your public/private key pairs. Then, whenever your consent is needed, you would simply scan QR code displayed on screen (it can be rendered in UI session rendered through WebGL, but also in terminal session over SSH through UNICODE 1.1. half-blocks for maximum in-terminal data-density). Remember, it's an alpha stage. We've been implementing it on YouTube LIVE almost each and every day since the early 2017. Private Investments are now open, soon we'll be opening up to a Public Investment Round.

Quick Start Guide

1. Read The ⋮⋮⋮ Constitution
Just a couple of points within the Wizardous Tome.
We promote freedom, science, innovation and diversification.
Our motto - treat others the way you want to be treated and enjoy the journay!
2. Download the ⋮⋮⋮ Mobile App
The app renders your mobile a high-tech Computer Vision and AI-aided security device.
Once activated, Hexi would guide you through creating and activating a public/private key pair and thus your wallet's address.
Whenever your consent is needed, you would simply scan a QR Code shown on screen.
3. Access the ⋮⋮⋮ Terminal Services and Enjoy!
Ever used DOS? Linux? Mac OS X? Windows, maybe? Then feel at home!
is largely compatible with the former.
It even goes for ⋮⋮⋮Shell/Terminal commands.
The easiest way to interact is to access the ⋮⋮⋮Decentralized UI. Any node is capable of spawning a graphical user interface. It would first deliver the JavaScript-based bootloader and proceed from there, possibly loading assets from multiple ⋮⋮⋮ node around the Planet. ex. you may access the ⋮⋮⋮ UI by visiting:

You can also access ⋮⋮⋮Decentralized Shell by accessing any node comprising the network by establishing an SSH session ex.:
$ ssh
Note: Should you be behind a firewall blocking access to the main show-off node or unwilling to use the so much centralized Domain-Name-System as such, one may access nodes comprising the network straight through their IP adresses. These can be retrieved through the Torrent protocol by following this:
4. Join the ⋮⋮⋮ Community and Contribute!
Spread the Good Wizardous Word! Become a Freedom figher! Browse through the available resources, especially the GRIDNET Magazine with lots of Tutorials. Deploy a node of your own! Enjoy using the System! As you do, report bugs. Should you feal 'The Calling' and be knowledgable enough, you might to become one of the Wizards🧙🧙‍♀️ and contribute on GitHub! Join The Wizardous Community Forums! As you register, there'll be yet another dedicated app for both iOS and Android. We discuss not only things related to , but to Life, geo-politicial situation, philosophy, books, hacking, arts, traveling (..) Last but not least (..) Feel at home as we are moving in together, towards a better, decentralized future.