Launch of the GRIDNET OS Magazine

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What a joyous day it is!😊

Here we would like to welcome you warmly to the GRIDNET OS Magazine.

We envision it to be a place where you’ll always find latest news related to the Project. That includes tutorials, documentations and also any sort of relevant downloads. Additionally, Wizards aim to be publishing News related to what’s currently happening in the World. News attempting to give you an objective opinion on what’s happening around, especially when it concerns freedom and decentralization.

We all know that we live in times where news outlets are controlled, where world leaders on day A can be painted as ‘terrorists’ by news outlets on day B if they are paid right. That includes some of  the major mainstream TV stations broadcast through satellites orbiting our planet.

Having a place to share your thoughts and to hide away from that mainstream seems like a nice thing to have. GRIDNET Magazine – here it is, we hope it serves all us well.

The news won’t be published at such an intense pace as on Twitter as that is to remain (at least for now) a place where Wizards drop thoughts and ideas straight from their minds.
On the other side of things, the GRIDNET OS Magazine obviously was needed. Reddit never seemed like a suitable place for posting neither lengthy discussions nor a place where Wizards could publish documentations related to the Project.

As for the documentation. As you might have already noticed, GRIDNET OS is quite an elaborate system, so to say.

There are quite a lot of low-level possibilities. There’s a lot of low level comprehensive commands. For now, we’ve been presenting these to you in a form of medium-length tutorials just to showcase the possibilities. A month back from now, none of that was available. The Test-Net has launched. Which is great? The need for more documentation and for a place to store it clearly became imminent.

Wizards being sort of Romantic about what they do they have a dream of storing the documentation itself in a decentralized fashion. That would mean employing the GRIDNET OS’ decentralized file system and making it available directly from the OS. That’s probably where things are headed. For now though, a documentation remaining on a server, powered by a nicely looking Magazine seems like viable option, an option which did not take an overly amount of time to deploy and is accessible to you right this very moment.

We took some effort to ensure the page renders just fine on any kind of device, including mobiles.

Why did this happen now? Well, we’ve been preparing documentation for Apple. It looked good. Once Apple verified the app (which was as straightforward as one could think ) we thought about making it available to you. Note that as it turned out Apple really does take their time to actually verify applications deployed on their platform. They actually do test things through. Apple requested sample QR codes, sample accounts’ details, watched the communication protocol.

All in all that certainly sort of improved the Wizards’ perception on their ecosystem. The Apple’s platform seems to be versatile enough (not to so ‘open’) to allow for implementation of presumably anything one could imagine and yet they introduce lots of safety and verification mechanism in place so to protect their user.




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